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Home Spa with Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks and Foot Files

Just like every other part of your body, your feet need care too.  A large proportion of people fail to comprehend the fact that cracked heels are unattractive feet. If you aim to find an inexpensive and cost-effective alternative for those expensive pedicures for making your feet look smoother, we’ve got your back. With these two products, you’ll never want to hide your feet again! Get ready to bring out the sandals and throw out those old sneakers with the help of Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks and Foot Files.

How is this product made?

Akrilane’s Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks are simple but with a twist. There is a gel lining covering the sock. This lining is infused with Vitamin E and oils, which slowly moisturize the entire foot.

The socks themselves are also quite extraordinary. They are made of durable cotton and spandex, so it is soft and comfortable, and the lining is made up of high- quality Grade A gel.

The foot file or callus remover is made up of plastic and has a rough, grainy side to rub on the foot to remove dead skin and calluses easily.

How do they work?

The moisturizing benefits of the oils and vitamins in Akrilane’s Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks seep into the skin of your feet. This gets rid of several things, including rough, dry and cracked feet. Using it repeatedly will get rid of all your foot-related worries.

The foot file is your hero if you have prolonged your foot care. Rubbing it firmly against your feet will remove the following:

  • Painful foot calluses
  • Parched skin
  • Chapped skin
  • Corn
  • Thick skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Dead skin
  • Heals toes
  • Heals cuticles

By removing these worries, you’re left behind with a fresh skin layer that feels soft and as if you just got a pedicure.

Why are they better than other brands?

Akrilane’s Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks have several benefits that cause them to stand out. They are as follows:

  • The material is premium quality with a thick layer of the gel
  • It is lightly scented and doesn’t have and strange perfume infused
  • It has a lifetime warranty. The customer will get all of their payment back if they don’t see a difference over a period.
  • It is incredibly comfortable and feels like regular socks
  • You get an Akrilane’s foot file for free every time you purchase the socks, making them immensely affordable.

As for the foot file, here are some benefits:

  • It is included in a kit which makes things easier for users
  • If taken care of, it can be used for an extended period
  • It is waterproof so that you can use it in the shower
  • It is not too coarse that it hurts your skin, but it is enough to file off your skin concerns.

How often will you need to replace them?

Luckily these moisturizing socks aren’t like others. Akrilane’s Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks can be used multiple times. Please remove them and put them on again whenever it is convenient for you. If they end up getting dirty, wash them with warm soapy water, at a maximum of 55 degrees, and you can use them again for as long as you like. Remember not to dry these socks in the sun because this could cause the gel to lose its moisturizing capabilities.

As for Akrilane’s foot files, they can be used for years. You will only need to replace it when the surface seems to be getting soft and no longer removes calluses effectively. This usually occurs after prolonged use, so you don’t have to worry about either of these at all.

Where can you find them?

Akrilane’s Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks can be found on their official website and may be purchased online. You can buy two pairs of socks for $20 while the Akrilane Callus Remover costs $10. But here’s what makes the prices even more budget-friendly. The socks come with a callus remover completely free. This way, you can get affordable moisturizing socks and save $10 on the foot file. Akrilane is always looking out for your needs and will always be there to help you get the smooth, soft and beautiful feet that are everyone’s dream.

They’re for everyone!

Regardless of your age or gender is, every person goes through a time where they disregard their feet for so long that it becomes painful. This is why caring for your feet is as important as caring for any other part of your body. Akrilane’s fantastic line of beauty and personal care items is perfect for your every foot-related need.

The Moisturizing Spa Gel Socks gives your feet the support they deserve discreetly and comfortably. The soft design is so well planned that they fit like your second feet- a thin layer on top of your actual skin. This is because they have specifically been designed to replicate the contour of your feet so that you can’t feel the already lightweight (only 1 lb.) socks that do nothing but wonders to your feet.

The comfort doesn’t end there. These socks are stretchable, and this same size fits every single foot out there. This is because they are stretchable, which provides optimal convenience, and you never end up with socks that are too tight that they are irritating or too loose that they slip off. It is just the right amount.

As for the callus remover? It’s completely free so that it won’t set you back at all, but this isn’t like other kits where you may get useless items at times. Akrilane’s foot files are so sought after that they have their listing. With a few rubs of this lightweight tool, all your issues on your feet will vanish. What’s the best thing that proves their abilities? Akrilane offers to return 100% of your money if you aren’t satisfied with the results, even though it never happens! Wait no longer. Grab your socks and file now!

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