Never Get Cut in the Kitchen with Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

Planning a meal and executing the food is an easy task for many, but everyone slows down for a knife. Whenever you’re required to cut objects, the likelihood of cutting yourself in the process always exists, and it slows down your overall performance. What if you were told that this one product takes away the possibility of leaving your kitchen with a blood-filled finger? Let us introduce the miracle product that will be careful for you so that your pace isn’t affected at all, presenting to you the Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves.

What are they made out of?

Your first thought might be that a flimsy piece of cloth can’t save your hands from all sorts of cuts, but that’s where you’re wrong. Akrilane’s level 5 cut resistant gloves are made of a high-performance cut-resistant material, HDPE, which never budges. But there’s more to it, and these gloves received the award of the highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance certification.

These factors make them ten times stronger than regular gloves and much more substantial than most cut resistant gloves. As a result, these gloves provide a barrier between your hand and the blade and protect your hands from any harm if you end up slipping.

Along with the unique material that causes them to contain the ability to withstand cuts from sharp objects, it includes a special high elastic nylon. This material allows flexibility so that you feel at ease while performing your tasks.

How do they work?

How exactly does this one layer of material avoid 99% hand accidental injury for your family in the kitchen? These layers of fibre bunch together to create one layer of cloth. This cloth is what scientists have graded as level 5 cut resistance which means it is scientifically proven to withstand cuts that you could easily make on human skin.

What can they be used for?

Akrilane’s level 5 cut-resistant gloves’ primary purpose is to keep your hands safe while you cut absolutely any object with a knife. But these gloves have proven to be multipurpose. Here are a few other things you can do with Akrilane’s gloves:

  • Oyster shucking
  • Meat cutting
  • Kitchen dishwashing towel
  • Butter mandolin
  • Vegetable slicing
  • Fruit peeling
  • Wood carving
  • Gardening to avoid thorns
  • Carpentry
  • Learning knife skills

How often will you need to replace them?

Akrilane’s level 5 cut resistant gloves are great for various projects, but the absolute best thing is its longevity. These gloves are washable and reusable, and it takes a long period for the material to break down. Even if it does over a long period, it will reduce to lower levels before you need to replace it.

Akrilane’s gloves are much more convenient when it comes to washing. You can clean them with absolutely any soap-based substance and water as long as it can be sanitized with that substance as well. It is recommended that you soak the gloves in warm soapy water (at a maximum of 55 degrees) and leave them out to dry. As a result, the gloves become more convenient to hang dry, and it is easier to sanitize and keep them clean.

But that’s not all! To aid you with the washing step, each pack of Akrilane’s level 5 cut resistant gloves comes with a wash bag for absolutely free. This way, you can place them in the bag and stick them in your washing machine with your other clothes, so they don’t get lost among other garments. As a result, your gloves can be washed with minimal effort.

Warnings and precautions:

There are a few warnings you will need to keep in mind while using these gloves. They are listed below:

  • These gloves are not indestructible. Don’t attempt to jab them with sharp tools. They keep you from getting cut but snipping them with scissors will cause it to come off.
  • Using these gloves only to check their level of indestructibility is not a good idea at all. This could cause you to end up getting hurt; for example, if you place a knife directly onto the glove in an attempt to check how well it withstands cuts, you’ll end up cutting yourself because you’re actively aiming to cut the glove and anything below it.
  • Do not wear these gloves while operating a power rotating machine or any other heavy-duty cutting machine. Level 5 gloves are not strong enough for those.
  • Remember to dispose of or discard your gloves if they get damaged or are no longer usable according to local laws and regulations.

Where can you find them?

The level 5 cut resistant gloves can be found online at the official Akrilane website. The gloves are sold in individual pairs. They retail for only $13.95, which is a great deal for all the benefits that come with these fantastic gloves. It comes with a bonus wash bag which makes it even more loved by so many/

They’re for everyone!

If your child wants to learn how to cut an apple or if peeling a potato while being careful takes way too long, one way or the other, everyone needs the Akrilane’s level 5 cut resistant gloves in their lives. That is precisely why they have been created in a way that works for absolutely everyone, regardless of age or purpose.

The best thing about these level 5 cut-proof gloves is the size ranges. They come in sizes fit for every hand, from minor to extra-large. A size chart has been included on the product listing on the website, which will help the buyers pick the perfect fit.

They provide fantastic comfort and dexterity to wear and grip things easily. They give an overall flexible operation with minimal sliding. As for the feel, they are not hard at all and are highly breathable and comfortable. Moreover, the exceptional high elastic nylon help the gloves fit your hand very well.

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